Organizing Office

Ladislav Sipeky
SIPKES s.r.o.

About organizers

The main organizer of the conference is the agency SIPKES s.r.o. represented by the Registration Chair Ladislav Sipeky - a long-term organizer of FSTA conferences. The academic and programme duties overtaken mainly by the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Slovak Technical University Bratislava represented by Radko Mesiar, and by the Institute for Research and Applications of Fuzzy Modeling (IRAFM), University of Ostrava represented by Martin Stepnicka.


"The Institute for Research and Applications of Fuzzy Modeling (IRAFM) was established in September 1996 under the support of the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic as a scientific place of work belonging to the University of Ostrava. IRAFM is one of few research institutes in the world working in the field of Soft Computing and have significantly contributed to the state of the art of such a field, namely to the theory of mathematical fuzzy logic and the related algebraic functions, fuzzy approximation, general theory of fuzzy IF-THEN rules, general theory of linguistic meaning, approximate reasoning, and multi-criteria decision-making. The workers of IRAFM gave lectures in more than 25 countries in Europe, America and Asia. Starting from July 1, 2011, IRAFM has become the Division University of Ostrava of the IT4Innovations." Source:


"The Faculty of Civil Engineering (FCE) was founded in 1938 as the first faculty of the Slovak University of Technology (STU). The FCE is now the second largest engineering faculty at STU. Shaped by a number of outstanding personalities in science and technology, the Faculty has become a leader in research and education in the fields of civil engineering and geodesy in Slovakia. The FCE presently consists of 21 departments. One of them is the Department of Mathematics and Descriptive Geometry which covers all areas of education in mathematics and descriptive geometry. It co-operates with the other Departments in their research and consulting projects. Moreover, it is a long-term co-organizer of FSTA conferences." Source: