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Bratislava is a very charming and multicultural city that is sometimes called "little big city". We know that this is not a unique case and, for example, the same term is used for denoting Lisbon in Portugal and Reno in Nevada is being called the biggest little city in the world, but you know, the population of Bratislava is somewhere between Reno and Lisbon and if you liked them, you will love Bratislava too. Cute and elegant city centre, impressive views, e.g. from Kamzik TV tower or from the "UFO cafe", or Bratislava castle - the main castle complex in Slovakia, are only some of the places you should visit. For more tips on what to see and what to do, we refer to visitbratislava.com.
If you are interested in city exploration, we recommend you to download an appropriate map or a brochure for free.

Currency and exchange rates

The official currency of the Slovak Republic is the EURO. You can find the official exchange rates on the website of the National Bank of Slovakia.

Weather in Bratislava

Bratislava is in a region with a continental climate. September weather is usually quite pleasant and mild with average high temperatures ranging between 17°C and 20°C. For more details consult holiday-weather or/and for current weather forecast just Google “weather Bratislava”.

Official Language

The official language of the Conference is English.

Everything you want to know about Bratislava

This "Flying the Nest" video guide has more than 240thousands views and this already demonstrates that people just love it. Indeed, you can learn a lot, a well-made practical guide about what to see and what to visit (and what to eat - this matters ;-)). Enjoy watching.

Janek Rubes is a sort of travel-guide superstar in the Czech Republic and his show Honest Guide attracts amazing interest due to its speed, flow, and practical value. So, it is not surprising we give him a chance to present you Bratislava, let us look at how he describes the capital of his brothers - as he says himself. Note: Even such an expert like Janek makes a mistake and so, we apologize for his faux pas when he claims that halusky (typical Slovakian gnocchi with traditional sheep cheese brynza) are served with goat cheese. We hope you can overcome this little scandal and enjoy watching his video.