Conference scopes

The aim of the conference is to bring together theoreticians and practitioners working on fuzzy logic, fuzzy systems, soft computing and related areas. It will provide a platform for the exchange of ideas among scientists, engineers and students.

The topics addressed by the Conference cover all aspects of fuzzy logic and soft computing, namely:

  • • Approximate reasoning
  • • Clustering and classification
  • • Cognitive modelling
  • • Intelligent data analysis and data-mining
  • • Data aggregation and fusion
  • • Database management and querying
  • • Theory and applications of decision-making
  • • Forecasting and time series modelling
  • • Fuzzy control
  • • Theoretical foundations of fuzzy logic and fuzzy set theory
  • • Imprecise probabilities and fuzzy methods in statistics
  • • Image processing and computer vision
  • • Information retrieval
  • • Knowledge representation and knowledge engineering
  • • Linguistic modelling
  • • Machine learning
  • • Natural language processing, generation and understanding
  • • Neuro-fuzzy systems
  • • Stochastic and fuzzy optimization
  • • Possibility theory and applications
  • • Rough sets theory
  • • Semantic web
  • • Uncertainty modelling

If the scope is fine but not wide enough - Bratislava Knowledge September 2021

IFSA-EUSFLAT with AGOP, FQAS, and IJCRS constitute a substantial part of a big consortium of topic related events entitled Bratislava Knowledge September 2021 - BAKS2021.

The BAKS gathers September 2021 events in Math and IT that are related to knowledge representation and discovery. Apart from IFSA-EUSFLAT, it consists of ICANN 2021 - 30th International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks, DAO-XAI 2021 - Workshop on Data meets Applied Ontologies in XAI, and DL 2021 - 34th International Workshop on Description Logics. Use this oportunity, prolong the trip to Bratislava and attend more events gathered in BAKS 2021.