Technical sponsors

Partner events

We are proud to announce the cooperation between IFSA-EUSFLAT 2021 and SISY 2021. We highly encourage the participants to plan their conference trip to central Europe in such a way that allows them to participate in both partner events. The timing of both events was specifically designed in order to allow participants to smoothly continue from SISY to IFSA-EUSFLAT.

The cooperation will include joint participants and sessions in topics relevant to the fields of fuzzy mathematics and applied mathematics in engineering. With this cooperation we hope to promote professional collaboration, distribution of latest research results, exchange of experience, discovering novel practical implementation areas and last, but certainly not least, networking opportunities for all our participants.

A small hint: plan the trip in such a way that you spend one day in the amazing city of Budapest that is right in the middle of the journey from Subotica to Bratislava.